What a time

You are the one who knows why you are coming to this convention, you are the one who knows your needs. Spend the time in the temple or by the temple. Meet friends, make new ones. Explore and relax in the beautiful area. Learn from great teachers. Contribute to a warm spiritual atmosphere.


Time for a break, time to ponder, time for feeling the spirit, time to relax, time to regain energy.


Enjoy your time in and around the Temple with your friends.


Check out the area. It is truly beautiful and full of exciting things to discover.


April 26th - May 1st, 2018
You may stay for as long, or as short, as you like.
Last Day to Register: April 15th

25 - 45 years old

Freiberg Temple
Hainichener Strasse 64
DE-09599 Freiberg

Convention & Temple Herberge Prices (Sorry, all female beds in the Temple Hostel are full. The men have about 2 beds available. Please register for 'Convention Only' - prices are below and you will have to find your own accommodations in Freiberg)
Convention & Registration: 12€ Daily (half-price Thurs & Tues)
Temple Hostel: 3+ Nights - 8€ per night; 1-2 Nights - 12€ per night
Priority will be given to participants staying 3+ nights in the Temple Hostel to fill the beds. We will still accept requests for 1-2 Nights but we cannot guarantee a place.
Convention + Temple Hostel (includes: registration, all meals, drinks, snacks, towels and bedding):
5 Nights: 100 EUR (Thursday, April 26 - Tuesday, May 1st)
4 Nights: 86 EUR
3 Nights: 66-72 EUR
2 Nights: 54-60 EUR (will be put on a waiting list and contacted)
1 Night: 30-36 EUR (will be put on a waiting list and contacted)
Convention Only (includes: registration, all meals, drinks, and snacks):
6 Days: 60 EUR (Thursday, April 26 - Tuesday, May 1st)
5 Days: 54 EUR
4 Days: 42-48 EUR
3 Days: 30-36 EUR
2 Days: 18-24 EUR
1 Day: 6-12 EUR Payment info & the list for other affordable accommodation within Freiberg will be sent to you after registration.

Temple & Spiritual Time
Every day, there will be a 30 minute morning scripture study and please feel free to spend as much time in the Temple as you like on the Temple days:
Session Plan

We have also prepared some free activities for you to enjoy throughout the convention and there will be other options available for an extra cost (swimming, hiking, bike rentals, mining tours, etc).

Thursday:Get-to-Know-You Activities
Friday: Temple, Formal Dinner & Dance
Saturday: Temple, Afternoon Service Project, Evening Bonfire & Fireside
Sunday: Church including Testimony Meeting, Afternoon Walk / Freetime Activities, Evening Fireside, and Games Night
Monday: All-Day Activity Day - Sächsische Schweiz Hiking, Dresden Sightseeing, Freiberg Mining Tours, Bike Rentals, Swimming, etc,. evening Barn Dance ' Dance into May'
Tuesday: Temple, Activity Brunch, Goodbyes

Service Project
This year, we are going to donate and/or collect and fill school backpacks (new and genty used) with much needed school supplies and other necessities such as, clothing, hygiene kits, and toys. These will be donated by you and anyone else willing to give. Please take a look at the list and please bring anything that you can.
Needed Supplies List auf Deutsch

1 Backpack Supplies Suggestions:

Basic School Supplies
3 writing and 3 calculation books (Din A4)
2 writing pads, 1 character block (Din A4)
a filled pencil case or an empty pencil case plus:
1 pack of crayons
1 pack of felt-tip pens
3 pencils
2 erasers
1 sharpener
3 ballpoint pens
1 ruler

soap (no shampoo or shower gel)
1 toothbrush
1 toothpaste

Additional Supplies:
1 water color box
5 brushes
1 glue stick
1 pair of scissors

Toys: 1 plush toy

What should I bring?

Temple Recommend, Temple Clothing, Formal Dress, Country/Cowboy Costumes, any activity appropriate clothing (hiking shoes, swimwear, etc). Your favorite hat, shoes, book or anything else you'd like.


Frequently Asked Questions.

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