FAQ: Can I arrive before the 26th?

If you would like to enjoy a full week  or just an additional day at the Temple we can arrange accommodation for you. The Temple is closed on Monday, but it’s possible to arrive from 7pm onwards to check-in to the Temple accommodation. Each extended night will be an additional 8€ added to your convention fee. When registering, after you have chosen your convention nights, Choose ‘yes’ to the ‘more ‘Temple time’ question, and then below that, you can choose ‘How many nights before’. Once completed and your registration is sent we will be in contact with the total pricing and will organise the accommodation for you.

Please note: We will not be providing food during those days because it’s not officially part of the convention but a grocery store is just around the corner and the hostel has a full kitchen as well. Some of our team will also be arriving earlier for any company, info, or advice you might need. The first official meal will be the dinner on Thursday, April 26th.

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