FAQ: How do I get there?

Temple Address:
Hainichener Strasse 64
DE-09599 Freiberg

By car: please use google maps

By train: Please look at www.bahn.de, Discounts are available, if * you book 3 months in advance (also for European tickets, example: Amsterdam – Freiberg 39 EUR) * you travel with regional trains *you travel in groups. Train station: Freiberg(Sachs). Bus Stop: Friedeburger Str/Schule, Freiberg.

By plane: nearest airports are Dresden and Leipzig. From there you can take a train to Freiberg (approx. 13EUR from Dresden, approx. 20 EUR from Leipzig). If you fly into Berlin it takes approximately 3-4hours with train for 20 EUR when booked in advance.

By bus (long distance coach): look at www.goeuro.com or www.busliniensuche.de (car share, bus, flight & train prices). Bus Stop: Friedeburger Str/Schule, Freiberg.


If you have further questions, please contact us and we will help you.




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